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    Corona to V-Ray Converter



    Corona to Vray Converter 2018

    Corona to Vray material and lights and proxy converter based on iCube converter script from 2014.

    Changes: Not many things have changed since the iCube version, but most of the people have been having issues with converting scenes due to Corona AO errors and IES Light conversion errors. So these have been remedied. ​




    The Corona AO material to Vray Dirt has an option of inverted normals in VRDirt which has to be manually added after conversion if it was used. This option has been removed. This has to be done manually if the normals are inverted.


    The Corona IES light conversion had issues with renaming the IES file so now if there was IES file added to the Corona IES, IT WILL BE REMOVED!!! you have to manually add it again. I am still trying to figure out that line in the script to get that working again. So hold tight.


    Another issue I ran into is if there is a hidden Corona Sun in the scene, the converter doesn`t know what to do with it. An unhidden Corona Sun converts without issues. Weird.


    You can test it, let me know if there`s other issues. I am NOT by any means a MAX script guru but i had to tinker with it because a client needed the scene in Vray instead of Corona and it would`ve taken me days to fix the scene manually. It me, i don`t want to go back and forth but it is needed occasionally. All other parameters of the script are untouched from the 2014 iCube version.



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